About JJWT

The central Govt constituted the National policy for older persons in 1999 to address the primary health care and welfare of senior citizens of our country. This policy says that each and every family should take care of their older parents/family member as and when required. The policy also encourages civil society / voluntary organizations to supplement and compliment the care provided by their family and provide care and protection to this vulnerable section of the society. We value the younger generation, their need, presence but at the same time we as a family members forget or devalue our older generation, disabled, single lady (orphan-semi orphan)their sacrifice, labour, time and sometime not giving proper respect to themand excluded from society and forced to live in poverty, on street, beggar etc. This happened not only in cities but also in rural pockets of society. We also facing lack of joint family system, not taking responsibilities of our parents and discard them from our family.

These 60+ older people unable to work more or poor source of income to fed them and not access proper health facilities and searching an alternative family/a supporting group who can take care of them. Apart from that the new generation loves to stay outside of the cities migrating other state/ abroad for sustainable livelihood. Therefore the older parents are alone and need proper support. Although some of them are unable to take them outside but want a system where they can send their parents when they are in need.
In this regard we want to build a dream home for senior citizen wherecare, love, emotional support, health careprovides for the helpless and needy old-aged people. The organization welcomes them to Home and provide them with the necessary health care, emotional support, psychological and social need. These people deserve to live life peacefully as valued members of the society before going to their eternal home.